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  • ELVEES is a leading Russian ASIC design house — the largest in Russia SpaceWire based chipset developer.

  • ELVEES was founded in 1990 on the ELAS Space Corporation base and in 1960–1980 with RSC "Energia" was a developer of the "Salyut" on-board computers for the "MIR" orbital Space station.

  • ELVEES has its own innovative MULTICORE IC design platform (Standard Cells & IO & IP-cores Radiation Tolerant/temperature stability library), which includes a great CMOS 250–90 nm silicon proven analog, RF and digital IP-cores.

  • ELVEES implements partnership programs with 29 Russian universities, in strategic partnership with the SUAI creates a Russian SpaceWire technology direction working with many Russian space industry companies.

  • ELVEES was responsible for the SpaceWire-RT ASIC IP-core Implementation Feasibility part in the FP 7 Russian-European "SpaceWire-RT" project.

ELVEES design team has the skills and experience on complex Analog/RF/Digital SoC developments projects under Customer requirements and for the all ASIC Design Flow.

"ELVEES" R&D Center provides:

  • Radiation Tolerant (RHBD) 180 nm CMOS Standard Cells and IP-cores Library, including SpaceWire and GigaSpaceWire (SpaceWire-RUS standart) ASIC IP-cores (digital and PHY).

  • SpaceWire based chipset "Multiboard" for space applications, including Multicore microprocessors, memories, routers, adapters, Сontrollers for the Mass-storage;

  • Tools and Software for chipsets: computer vision, image compression, adaptive signal processing software; OS — Linux, Real Time uOS;

  • FPGA-to-ASIC conversions for the Radiation Tolerant applications; ASIC can be offer as analog/RF/digital "systems on a chip (SOC)" with SpaceWire Standard family links: SpaceWire, GigaSpaceWire (SpaceWire-RUS standart) and SpaceFibre;

  • Space quality level; tests and measurements can be performed on the customer's request;

  • Services & Support for the all ELVEES ASICs and IP-cores – support@elvees.com.